autism assistance dog for conor

helping conor in a furry and cuddly way

Latest photos of Peyton

Photo of our formerly-furry friend, Peyton, after a run with his trainer.


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Stressful Situations

I never thought I would be sitting here trying to come up with as many places to take Conor that I know will end up in a tantrum or otherwise stressful situation. Normally I plan to avoid such places or any change to his routine to mitigate this behavior. But with Peyton arriving in a couple weeks, I’m trying to get as many opportunities for bad behavior, as well as good, so the trainers can show me how to work with Peyton to make future upsetting situations better. My list includes: the dentist (who doesn’t get stressed about that), the mall (stimulation overload for Conor), a loud restaurant–maybe Chuck-E-Cheese (I will probably need my own therapy dog if we go there) and…. still working on ideas. Will definitely be a busy 5 days while they are here.

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Peyton’s Arrival!

The trainers arrive on Thursday, April 17 with Peyton! So excited to see how he works with Conor at school, therapy, even at a dentist visit! We had some unexpected extra expenses and I just have to give a shout out and big thank you to Mountain Star Lodge for helping us with a room for the trainers! If you or your family ever need a room in the Lakeway/Bee Cave/Austin area please check them out. Nice folks and nice hotel 🙂

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