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‘Tis the Season

The much looked for, yet often dreaded, holiday season. Kicked off by Halloween which is usually a nightmare (haha) for Conor given all the noise, costumes and candy (he does not like sweets). Yet this year it appears there has been a shift in Conor’s universe and he did in fact have a fun Halloween.

Starting with school, Batman flew (does he fly? Drove in?) in to say Hi to Conor, and he enjoyed meeting the super-nice caped crusader. I thought all of his Halloween enjoyment would end there. I was mistaken when he came home and tried on his brother Jack’s shark costume. After that he put his own Knight costume on and went trick-or-treating. He went to 4 houses, which was great given his dislike of new activities and the whole anti-sweet issue. I was emailing someone while he was out (Jack and I trick-or-treated earlier with friends) and said that Conor had been out trick-or-treating for a couple hours. My friend was shocked he was out so long, and I said I was pretty sure he and his Dad found a house with beer and a spare Ipad, and they were holed up there. Sure enough, they came home around 9pm and Conor was happy as a “tornado in a trailer park”.

The next night, Conor put his costume back on and kept saying he wanted to go trick-or-treating. I believe what he meant to say was he wanted to go to the neighbors house and play on the Ipad.  At least he enjoyed Halloween!

Looks like a great start to the holiday season.







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