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Courage is found in unlikely places

on September 17, 2013

Sometimes it is found in a bottle of wine and other times it comes from a trip to Target. With Conor and Jack. While that sounds like a no-big-deal event, it often turns out to be a monumental task getting them to go through the aisles and aisles of Target. Jack drones on about getting something from the wonderful world of toys (or as I call it “the black hole”) and won’t quit until he peruses the aisles. Of course, I try to avoid that section at all costs, but I’m only human. Conor on the other hand runs to the electronics and the wall of flat screen tv’s that are on and playing different ads all at the same time. Unfortunately, the electronics department is near the toys, and neither of them will be confined in the shopping cart (gone are the days of strapping them in the stroller). Getting either of them out of their preferred places requires me to carry one out screaming (Conor) and bribing the other one (Jack) with something from our Treasure Box at home. Sometimes you just have to go to Target and bring both kids. And that takes courage. It also takes a bottle to relieve the stress of the outing.


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