autism assistance dog for conor

helping conor in a furry and cuddly way

To quote Bart Simpson, we had a “craptacular” day

on August 21, 2013

So today we went to get Conor’s wrist x-rayed. And by “we” I mean Conor and me. The Hospital in Westlake where I had called ahead of time and explained our situation, i.e. he’s autistic, I need lead gloves to hold him down which I would supply need be, and he would be an unethusiastic patient to say the least, originally said no problem. Then when I go they tell me they can’t handle him and he will need to go to Dell Childrens Hospital where they can handle such a case. Okay, I’m pissed. Then we drive across town (actually I called first and made an appointment and told them the situation) and they were very nice and helpful. At one point, the technician suggested I bring him back when he was calmer, and I said that this was as good as it is going to get. The tech I spoke to on the phone came in and we played a game which Conor eventually played and we got the x-ray done. God bless them at Dell’s Childrens Hospital!

So, while it was originally a “craptacular” day (okay I love that word), it turned out ok. I even blew up a slip-n-slide that I had previously gotten, and was slightly worried we may end up back at Dell Children’s Hospital (at least I knew where it was), but all was well. Unless letting little boys play naked in a slip-n-slide in the (fenced) in backyard is a bad thing. I didn’t and don’t care what the neighbors thought. 

Also, I am very disappointed in the folks of Wham-O. I mean if my son can’t lose his front tooth that’s dangling by a thread on a slip-n-slide what’s this world come to?



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