autism assistance dog for conor

helping conor in a furry and cuddly way

“Do not spoil the wonder with haste”

on August 19, 2013

I have always hoped that I didn’t worry so much about Conor that I forgot to enjoy his childhood. Many time’s it has been difficult to remember and some time harder to embrace. Part of me wants him to hurry up and improve, but I forget that each accomplishment, each step forward is a miracle. His aren’t as big or obvious as other kids, but they are just as wonderful.

Conor has had many sensory problems over the last few days and have been exasperating and difficult to get through. And not just for me. Example: today in therapy, Conor kicked his speech therapist in the face and broke his glasses. Then, at the end of Occupational Therapy, he nearly kicked his brother Jack in the face. For those who don’t know, Jack does not like to get hurt or experience any type of pain, yet he likes to egg his brother on to the brink of insanity. Luckily, Conor has never played soccer and therefore his aim was poor leaving Jack with all his teeth and nose intact. 

As far as the sensory problems, I have been trying to accomplish what the Occupational Therapists do with the resources around our house. It’s amazing what you can find in closets. I made a “burrito” roll out of a small sleeping bag and rolled him back and forth in it. Trampoline: check. Wrapping him in the hammock and swinging him: check.  I did a lot of deep pressure massage and joint compression. I did the brushing technique several times a day. I tried sensory boxes with rice and beans in them. In the end, he got a lot of help from Finnegan, our dog. Conor layed across him, and on him for about 45 minutes a time. Getting him his assistance dog will really help at times likes these. Instead of Conor laying on the dog, the dog will lay on him, or against him to provide that deep pressure that he craves. I am thankful that Finnegan helps work with Conor on these issues, but there’s only so much a Weimaraner can do…..


Conor getting deep pressure input from Finnegan


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