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Tom Petty is Wrong

on August 9, 2013

Tom Petty is wrong. The waiting is not the hardest part. I took Conor to have his blood drawn for some tests this morning. He happily waited in the waiting room with Jack. When he had to go into the room to have the blood drawn all hell broke loose. Fortunately, there was a really nice fellow, who was clearly a football player in a former life, help hold him down with me, while the nurse took his blood. Jack was a champ sitting quietly on a bench in the room. So Mr. Petty, if you read this, sometime the waiting is actually the easiest part….

Of course, after that stressful event, we went to speech therapy. Conor loves seeing his therapist and often hates leaving. So, we arrived and Conor was so upset from his blood draw that he wouldn’t even get out of the car. Normally he is out like a bullet because he can’t wait. This time he kept closing the car door so I couldn’t pick him up. Finally I got Jack safely waiting by the door and guarding my purse and grabbed Conor out of the car. I had given him my new phone to keep him amused and as I got a hold of him in the parking lot, he threw my phone like he was a pro baseball pitcher (albeit I don’t know anything about baseball pitchers but it was the furthest I saw him throw anything). I was in shock! First, I had just gotten the phone, and it was quite an ordeal as I couldn’t financially justify that expense for myself (of course I did though), then I was worried a car would drive over it since it was in the middle of the road. Cononudrum. Hold on to the flailing Conor or go get the phone? I did both. Dragging Conor and hustled over and got the phone not knowing it’s fate. I dragged him into the building and Jack (bless him) followed nicely carrying my purse. I deposited them into the therapists office and then checked the phone. 

Ok, thank God for Otterbox. The phone worked perfectly. I had just gotten an Otterbox case a few days before and put it to use today. Having said that, we had an Otterbox case on the Ipad the school loaned us and Conor was able to break the case, but it didn’t break the Ipad. I think Otterbox should use us for product testers. 

All that happened and it wasn’t even 1pm. The afternoon should be interesting….


One response to “Tom Petty is Wrong

  1. Reblogged this on autism assistance dog for conor and commented:

    Also true with x-rays. We went to Dell Children’s hospital for an x-ray on his arm and waiting- no problem. Getting the x-ray- torture.

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