autism assistance dog for conor

helping conor in a furry and cuddly way

Autism Assistance Dog for Conor

on July 12, 2013

Conor is 7 years old and diagnosed with autism. He is receiving speech and occupational therapy. He is somewhat verbal but unable to tell anyone his name or phone number or address. This is especially difficult as he has started to wander or run off. Conor also has the typical autistic problem with social interaction as well as tantrums. We look forward to getting him an assistant dog who helps in all these areas. They become great helpers to children like Conor and herd them from wandering or keep them safe when they get out. They have proven to be a great way for children to interact as others like to meet the dog, and therefore, the child. They are also soothing and comforting during the frequent tantrums Conor experiences.

To find out more about these awesome dogs and the non-profit kennel we are going through, please visit:

Please help Conor with his new goal of an assistance dog. We really know it will make a great difference in not only his life, but in the rest of our family’s life. Visit to help conribute

Also visit for updates items for sale and more photos.

Thank you!
Shelly, Conor’s Mom


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